If You’re Banning All the Muslims, Put Me On the List Too

by jillst


As I have previously mentioned about a million times, I am a white woman and a pretty hardcore Jesus-person.

I don’t mean to bring up my race so often, but today it is relevant.*

It is relevant because I had to watch Jackie Lambie once again throw around anti-religious sentiment, this time on Q and A.

And funnily enough, that anti-religious sentiment only applied to religions often practiced by immigrants. Because obviously.

Christians rarely stand with those of Islamic faith because, quite frankly, a few of us are racist, a few of us are lazy, and most of us are too busy organising all of the various activities our church wants to put on.

This is ridiculous and frankly, it’s time we speak up. Religious freedom in Australia needs to apply to all religions, not just the ones led by old white dudes.

Ms Lambie, my ancestors came here as convicts. We are the whitest of the white. It you’re searching for what the right see as “real Aussie”** credentials, you’d have to search hard to do better.

But if you’re so worried about Sharia that you feel its adherents have no place in our country, well, you’re going to have to kick me out as well.

If your argument is that to live in Australia you need to respect the Australian law as the only and primary rules for living, then I am out. So are many Christians beside me.

Many Muslims, including Yassmin Abdel-Magied, have spoken out to say that Muslims are instructed to adhere to the law of the land where they live, and Christians have that rule too. But, if there is a conflict, we are told to go with the bible’s rules, rather than the ones made in Canberra.

To be frank, I don’t think it will be long before this will be in full view for the public. Many Christians support same-sex marriage, and most think it would be dumb to refuse to make a cake just because gay people plan to eat it. But if Christians don’t very soon get ready to have a kind and rational conversation about gay marriage, our ministers will eventually end up in jail for refusing to marry gay people in our churches.

I would see this as a real shame. Because, even though I am a leftie, the point of the law is not, as I understand it***, to reflect the minutiae of tiny unseen values that squiggle around the hearts and bodies of every one of Australia’s citizens. Instead, the law is fundamentally about what we as a country find so abhorrent that it requires punishment. It’s about making compromises and protecting rights – making sure things are split up at least mostly equally and everyone feels at least reasonably safe.

Meaning, Christians can privately practice and believe whatever they like about marriage, but should not have the right to deny gay people the right at a national level. That Muslim people should have the right to go about their business – and middle-aged white ladies should have the right to feel silently and irrationally terrified if they want to, but not to refuse them basic human rights.

If you’re saying goodbye to everyone who holds something above the law, say goodbye to  the woman who’s illegally using marijuana to treat her chemo symptoms, and the guy who went and beat up the man who was abusing his child, and as previously mentioned, myself. So long, Ms Lambie!

I’m not sure where I’ll go – I think England’s forgotten about my family by now. Perhaps I can pay a people smuggler to set me on a rickety boat bound for nowhere.

*I am quite happy to bring up my religion in any context, because it’s important to me, and also because I had to listen to you talk about sage cleansing and horoscopes so I figure we’re even.

**I know I’m so sorry; writing that made me throw up in my mouth a little. I was trying to speak the language of the right, but still feel the need to acknowledge that of course no white person is a real anything – our land is stolen land.

***I have a law degree, btw.