Jesus and Two Lesbian Mums Walk In To a School…

by jillst

My dog was running amuck in a dog park near Burwood when some school kids made their entrance.

They were probably only in late primary, so when my massive mutt ran over to them, they shrieked.

“He won’t hurt you!” I called out. Then on second thought, added, “he might give you a good lick though.”

Down the road, news was being made – our own Burwood girls made quite the stir when they decided to show a documentary made by a former student in honour of Wear it Purple day.

The only problem was they’d picked Gayby Baby – a doco about kids growing up with gay parents.

Inevitably, my fellow Jesus lovers became very upset. They defaulted to their standard rhetoric about the “gay lifestyle” and political neutrality and the like. “Kids shouldn’t be learning that in schools!” was the very vocal cry.

Let me say upfront and very clearly: I don’t give a Flying Spaghetti Monster if my future kids watch a documentary about gay parents in schools.

For one thing, my kids will already know gay people, because I don’t live in a weird, Duggar-style bubble. My kids will be sat down and told “sometimes, two women or two men love each other the way mummy and daddy love each other,” and maybe there will be confusion and awkward questions and the like, and then we’ll all get on with our lives. Because we’re living in the damn 21st century.

Secondly, come on (fellow) Christians. Seriously. Because every week at church for months, nay, years now, it’s been the same damn announcement in a different guise:

“They’ve banned books from scripture in schools,”

“The chaplaincy program is under attack,”

“Make sure you make your voice heard for SRE

Turns out, people don’t always love our contributions to school life.

But I did.

The kind teachers, the colouring in, “yes, Jesus loves me”, the increased chance of mucking around without consequences. Scripture ruled.

It makes me sad when it’s called out as hatred and bigotry on a billboard or brought up to attack scumbuckets on Twitter. Because now that I’ve grown up, the things I was taught in scripture are what I really live and believe.

I can’t imagine what it would be like to have something there to represent me banned.

And I think it’s valid that I ask: What’s wrong with teaching kids about the way I, and so, so many others, live life? And in the light of this recent decision, it’s a question loads of gaybys around the country could echo.

Now, I don’t know about you, but as an adult, I am constantly forced to interact with people who hold truly disastrous and disappointing opinions. Some people’s idea of a holiday involves 5am hikes. Some people genuinely like Tony Abbot. And some people would, in sound mind, genuinely choose red Doritos over the far superior yellow.

But you know what? Even though these people clearly have problems (to varying degrees – I’m looking at you, likers of red Doritos) I interact with them. I love and care about them. I listen to and appreciate their beliefs. And then I decide for myself what I think.

I feel really sad for the teens who weren’t allowed to watch what is probably a wonderful film. I feel bad for kids who won’t be taught fairly about a faith that brings so much joy to my life.

And I feel really, really mad that the reason both groups will miss out is scare tactics and a slinging match between left and right media.

Because really, if our schools aren’t here to teach kids how to question what they’re taught, what the bloody hell are they there for?

Ideas might lick you, but they don’t bite.